Letter from Katie from Azusa Pacific University in California

September 24th, 2010 | Category Vision

I came to Lithuania to live and volunteer in the Mana center for the summer of 2009. Living in that community and sharing life with the Gillilands and my roommate Gita, and also with all the members of the church who filtered in and out through the week, was an amazing experience. Community was strong and I got to be a part of making the church feel like a family, at home in Mana. That included everything from setting up for the church services, greeting the visitors, cleaning and building in the church, and even spending days in the kitchen organizing and cleaning, keeping it usable for such a sizable community.  It was also really amazing to be able to help house the volunteers that came through during the summer and helping them feel comfortable in Mana, and also comfortable in the church and the culture of Lithuania itself. One couple came from Alabama for a few weeks to help with the projects in Mana and to bring spiritual growth and development to the people there. That couple, the Gillilands, and I did an intensive study of the minor prophets in the Bible because of the theological knowledge and experience they brought to us. Being able to so deeply study and attempt to understand God and His Word in the Mana kitchen brought even more spiritual vivacity to the center. Overall, Mana is a place where God dwells and through Him, community thrives and flourishes.

~Katie from Azusa Pacific University in California

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