GLS 2010

Global Leadership Summit Success

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Three hundred leaders gathered for the first Global Leadership Summit to be held in Lithuania on Friday and Saturday, October 15-16 at LCC International University. Leaders came from a large variety of churches, service organizations and businesses in Lithuania.

The Global Leadership Summit is prepared by Willow Creek Association in the USA in cooperation with partners around the world, translating the summit into many languages. „City Church“ partnered with LCC in Klaipeda to bring the summit to Lithuania.

Pastor Saulius Karosas brought the idea of this kind of conference few years back. As he talked with the leaders in both spiritual and busines realm he understood the urgent need, as often leaders here has great sense of loneliness, often the schedules are overwelming and the inspiration is rear to find. Nontheless the task of the leader at hand is great and it touches the lives of many people.

In Lithuania there aren’t many authorities which people want to follow, that is way this conference is a great tool to fill the needed gap. Some leaders during the conference sat with their teams and made some of the necessary decisions, talked about changes and planed for the future.

According Saulius Karosas: „the best fruit is that not olny to see good lecture or get exelent information, but also to see hearts that are on fire, expereicnes that changes one, repentance. It was amazing to see how the hearts of some of the busines people were touched as they started to think what they can do with the influance they have and in which way they can help the ones in need“

Speakers for this summit represented three styles of teaching. Some were inspirational, some were focused on social justice themes, and some addressed leadership skills. Participants commented that one of the most powerful speakers, Tim Keller, a Presbyterian pastor from New York, gave them so much to think about that they needed to hear it again. There were some that after listening to this speech and others repented and decided to ask for forgivnes for old arguments.

The balanced use of live facilitation done by Saulius Karosas, pastor of „City Church“, and music band from Pakūtuvėnai together with high quality technology made the DVD format of the conference feel warm. Over hundred volunteers helped during the conference. Participants sat in small groups around tables in Michealson Centras, which allowed them to discuss the content in the processing time allotted at the end of each session.

The event was facilitated in Lithuanian and due to the DVD format, excellent translation and voice over dubbing gave an unprecedented opportunity to hear world class speakers in Lithuania. English and Russian speakers also participated through translation. Most of the conference teachings were also available on DVD for purchase at the conference. Almost all DVD’s that were available for sale were bought.

At the end of the conference pastor Saulius Karosas gladly said: „that the conference went beyond all expectations.“ Willow Creek Association representative for Eastern Region Ulf Osterlund evaluated the conference as great sucess and done well. the The conference ratings were more than excelent in all areas the conference were ranked 4 or 5 out of 5. Participants gladly bought tickets for the upcoming conference.

The date for Global Leadership Summit 2011 is set for November 11-12, 2011 at LCC International University. With the overwhelmingly positive response to this year’s event, an even larger group is anticipated for the next year.