Our needs & answers

The Mana Center Project

Renovation needs:

To finish the chapel floor costs $3,000 USD
Using a Plaster finish for 450 kv2

Purchasing and Installing the Heating system:
- Pipes and radiators

Completing 10 rooms for guests and rental ability
- 20 beds
- 10 wardrobe
- At least 30 bedding sets.
- 10-20  Lamps
- New windows in each room
- Wall to wall Carpet for each room
- Paint for each room

For Church cafeteria
-2 Large Industrial Size Refrigerators
-2 Large Industrial Size Freezers
- 1-2 Large Industrial sized Ovens
-Industrial Coffee Machine
- Complete place settings for 300 people (dinner plates, glasses, bowls, silverware etc)
- Industrial Dishwasher
- Dinning Furniture: tables, chairs etc.

- Outdoor Furniture (plastic or wooden tables and chairs etc)

Wall to wall Carpet:
-All Rooms in the building

For completion of the Men’s Restrooms:
- Sinks
- Toilets
- Urinals
- Floor and wall tile with cement
- Mirrors

- 6 centre pivot window for the Chapel and 70 regular windows

-2 Large double doors for Front and Rear entrances

For more information contact: info@m-b.lt.

Answered needs

Translation system: complete

Cupboards in Large meeting room: complete
5 Missionary rooms with bathroom and kitchen: complete
Offices renovate: complete
Insulation of Chapel: complete
1 Missionary apartment: complete
Renovation of small meeting room: complete
Emptying out of all rooms of junk and trash etc: complete
All old metal heaters removed: complete